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Maaiki Taiso

Martial Arts Session

The Maaiki Taiso are a series of exercises developmed by Sensei Washi Asahoshi over the last 40 years to help students develop  and refine their ability to mange the space and time between  uke and nage. They are a practile application of our principle " Control the first move." They help us practise how we engage with the ki and how the ki responds to people of different sizes and body types.

Because they are exercises of the movement and management of time/space and the dementional shifting that we want to develop to be able to perform what we call at Ahsa Aikido "empty throws." These exersies are best  expressed and practised in groups of 10-20 because this often gives us a varietry of body types. These exersies, however, will greatly improve the aikidoka's movment with ki and dementionality in the form we call "Shadow Boxing," Sensei Audrey can help you with these practises if you will contact her directly.

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