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Meditations for a fractured humanity

Buddhist Monks in Orange

For the next two weeks as we move toward election season I am asking you to focus on the love and compaction for all human beings. This is the best way to neutralize the difficult energies of this time. In Aikido we call this principle, banyo-aigo in Japanese, or loving protection for all beings. I have chosen a teaching by my Tibetan Teacher, Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche, called Compassion In Action.  It is a long teaching and is done in a way that is unusual to westerners. Please take it slow, speed forward the video until you find a section that makes sense to you. Spend about 10 minutes a day listen ing to the teaching and then a minimum of 20 min. meditating on your understanding of the principle. If you are interested in more information see, Katog Jana Ling, for local meditation and instructions. You can make donations at Katog Choling

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