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Daily Muse

November 1

Into the Abyss: Planning for the
Dark Night of the Soul

Overlooking the Mist

Those who are connected to the earth are blessed with the structure and process of feeling and moving with the Wholistic Cycles of Nature that have and continue in the rhythmic cycles of the vastness of space. Women are especially connected to the earth and these rhythms may present in dramatic ways if the should is not aligned to the earth correctly.

The feelings of winter, though not in its astrological season, often appear mid winter. In Wester culture he have created a variety of holidays and activities that no longer connect with out primal nature. As you begin to feel the need to isolate, hibernate and enter a deep place of your own, know it i important an necessary. Especially those of Western European dissent the myths of Persephone, who was required to spend six of her year bringing life to the underworld, is a good archetype to use at this time.

Think of Persephone the goddess of growth and the spring prepairing herself to decorate hell.

First plan your space. Create a cave of warmth, comfort and healing. Bring all those items you love into this space.

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