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Ahsa Aikido


ABOUT Ahsa Aikido

Ahsa Aikido has been offering courses in Mind, Body & Spirit along the Wasatch front since 1990. The founder and Senior Instructor Audrey Lyn Nelson began her study of aikido in January of 1979. She received her Shodan in 1983 and was a senior instructor at Wasatchi Aikido from 1983 though 1990 when she founded Ahsa Aikido.

Her Interest in Aikido has always centered around the study of ki engery and has over fourty years  of experience using this energy to heal, engage the hidden. material and celestial realms. She has studied shiatus, kiatsu, aiki rehoho and is a Reiki master.

During these years she has created and presented a variety of courses and  independent study exercises that are designed to develop the individual to their highest potential


1. Listen to Your Body
2. Push Yourself Honestly To Your Highest Level
3. Have Fun

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Cottonwood Heights, Utah


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